I n t e r n a t i o n a l S e a f o o d T r a d e r & W h o l e s a l e r i n G e r m a n y
I n t e r n a t i o n a l  S e a f o o d  T r a d e r   &   W h o l e s a l e r  i n  G e r m a n y                                                   

We know where to get the best fish for our customers.

After our establishment in 1990, we first imported raw fish from Iceland, Norway and Denmark for smokers and processing companies in Germany.

These were mostly Halibut, Redfish, Mackerel, Herring, Salmon.

In 1992 we established stabil import lines of fresh water fishes as Pike Perch, Perch, Pike as well Cod and other sea fishes from Russia, Poland and the Baltic States and we developed the distribution system to our regional wholesalers, big consumers, fish processors and the export to customers in the EU.

Today we are dealing with a large fish assortment, e.g.

  • Pelagic species as Mackerel, Herring
  • Redfish, Halibut, Salmon, Eel, Turbot
  • Alaska Pollock, Cod, 
  • Fresh water fishes and from fishfarms
  • Raw Fish, finished products, canned fish
  • Special products as Salmon bellies, tails, heads etc.




   Big orders and contracts

Together with our partners, we can also conclude larger supply contracts to serve our customers at any time.
We are always interested in new cooperations, new projects and offers from new suppliers. On request, we also take over the representation in Germany for foreign producers.

Fairness & Confidence

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